I started playing sports at a young age and never really thought about actually “working out” until I went to college and no longer had that outlet for activity. It also dawned on me I had some weight to lose though at the time I thought maybe 10 pounds and now I’ve maintained a 35lb loss for over 20 years. After you’ve lost the weight though…you need a new why, otherwise it’s very easy to quit, instead this taps in to your true exercise motivation.

Luckily my why tapped in to some deep seated emotional need to feel good about myself.

Resistance Training makes you strong. There are moments in life that are hard, uncomfortable and downright miserable. Training reminds you that you can face them all by just taking one step at a time and focusing only on the current moment.

Get emotional – how do you want to feel?
Get honest – are you doing this for you?
Reflect – what moments in life did you feel the happiest and proudest?
Analyze – what do those moments have in common?
Measure – how can you measure ongoing success?

For me my internal why always comes back to feeling proud of myself and that’s what gets me to push through the extra miles.

Main reason why i love what i do with over 20 years in the fitness industry, my dynamic approach, boundless energy and humor only add to the effectiveness of the experience my clients enjoy.